Download Example and Unit Testing Data

Optionally if you are interest to run examples or Unit tests, you need to pull the sources of the LoMRF-data git sub-module. In order to download the contents of LoMRF-data as a git sub-modules, you need to give the following commands in the root directory of the project (e.g., /path/to/LoMRF)

Only for the first time after cloning LoMRF

$ git submodule update --init

Every time that you want get the latest version of LoMRF-data

$ git submodule foreach --recursive git pull

LoMRF examples, as well as, files that are used by Unit testing are located in the sub-directory Data and it has the following directory structure:

├── Examples
│   ├── Inference
│   │   ├── Activity_Recognition
│   │   ├── Marcus_Caesar
│   │   ├── distributions
│   │   └── yale_shooting
│   ├── Structure_Learning
│   │   ├── OSL_NLP
│   │   └── OSLa_CAVIAR
│   └── Weight_Learning
│       ├── Activity_Recognition
│       ├── Car_Traffic
│       └── Friends_Smokers
└── Unit_Tests
    ├── DependencyMap
    ├── inference
    └── learning

Example Files

All inference-related examples are located in Data/Examples/Inference (see Inference). All weight learning related examples are located in Data/Examples/Weight_Learning (see Weight Learning). Similarly, all structure learning related examples are located in Data/Examples/Structure_Learning (see Structure Learning).

Please note for space efficiency the following input data files for Weight Learning and Structure Learning are compressed:


Unit Testing Files All files that are used in Unit testing are located in Data/Unit_Tests.