LoMRF command line tools:

  • lomrf infer: Performs probabilistic inference (see lomrf infer -h for help).
  • lomrf wlearn: Performs weight learning (see lomrf wlearn -h for help).
  • lomrf slearn: Performs structure learning (see lomrf slearn -h for help).
  • lomrf compile: Compiles MLN files (predicate completion, CNF, etc.; write lomrf compile -h for help).
  • lomrf export: Exports ground MRF into various formats (MLN, DIMACS and libDAI Factor graph; write lomrf export -h for help).
  • lomrf diff: Displays differences between MLN files. The theories are compared only in CNF form.
  • lomrf supervision: Completes the missing supervision on a set of given training files (see lomrf supervision -h for help).